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Great flash

"My new partner Gambit"
LOL and everything else was NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Still I suppose that it is a good representation of what the whole movie was about :P

LOL that was great!

Great twist at the end for a hilarious ending! Animation is simple and sweet (the way animation should be) and sound effects added to the hilarity as well.

Otaku32 responds:

Thanks for the review!

LOL nice!

Some bad puns but that's what made it funny :P Tomatoes and pickles (cucumbers) are the crosses between vegetable and fruit LOL Also corn is technically a grain but yeah.

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LOL nice CS reference!

"The bomb has been planted. To defuse the bomb stand over it and hold 'E'. Stop standing over it and knifing it you fucking noob!" Ahh just for that this gets a 10 (BTW I couldn't find the download button)

kokonut10 responds:

Bad luck. :( Thanks for playing!

Nothing new...

But still:
@most reviewers here: The point of a password generator is not to create a password that someone can remember, but a password that will be hard to brute force. Brute force programs can try hundreds of different passwords per second and the more simple and short your password is, the easier it is to crack.

Fun Game

The idea of something similar to Jenga in a way makes this game one of the most fun flash games I've played to this day :D

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"This life is like a dream; time's flyin' so fast
Through my imagined memories from my forgotten past
Now pass the Hennesey so I can start to write poetically
The harmony and melody that's soon to be the death of me
You tend to see the shallow empty ghost that I pretend to be,
The enemy who patronizes everyone so emptily
But when you see the soul inside who begs for your forgiveness,
All I'll see are silhouettes watching from a distance.

Where are you now? Did you really disappear
When everyone I'd held so dear had made it so very clear
That I'm all alone...
Now? (Didn't even shed a tear)
Who am I now? Do I even have a purpose?
Everything I do is worthless. I just wanna make it hurt less
When I'm all alone...
Now (Remembering in earnest our love)
What are we now? No matter how I try
I can't understand why I won't say goodbye
Cause I'm all alone...
Now (This nostalgia never dies)"

Listened to this piece a bunch of times over and just wrote what came off the top of my head. Deep stuff that I could definitely spit to. Respect.

ForgottenDawn responds:

That's hot, yo. Thanks for sharing!

Kind of reminds me of Jeremy Soule. That being said, this could make for good background music for some video game. With a bit more diversification, it could even be a candidate for a film score IMO.

Interesting melody and in a chord progression I'm familiar with. I may do a rendition of this later on when I have my day off next. I'll definitely be saving this to my phone to listen to during break. It seems this piece has a lot going for it especially in the melody department. Keep up the good work.

stunkel responds:

Thanks! :D Glad you enjoyed it!

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